ePublish: marketplace for digital


E-Publish is completed app template in native source codes in android and ios, which helps you build a great market place platform for publishers & buyers to trade digital content : eBook (PDF, ePUB), photos (images), MP3 (music, audio book), Video (clip, movie), Blog (text) or Embed, etc. Buyers subscribes, login then search for suitable content, make payment via PayPal before accessing it. Publishers add content and purchases from web-based backend. Admin earns commission for each purchase


Buyer (uses App):

  • Content type: PDF, ePUB, Text, HTML, Photo, MP3, Video, Outside URL, Embed, etc.
  • Subscribe: Users register and login to app to find product
  • Home screen: show latest product
  • Search: search product by title or publisher name
  • Categories: content is grouped by categories
  • Publishers: user can search and filter publisher
  • Payment: user buys content via PayPal before accessing
  • Chapters: each content has multiple chapters (episodes), each chapter is one of above content
  • My purchases: user can access all content that is purchased before


Publisher (uses web-based backend):

  • Publisher login to backend to manage product, chapters, categories and audience’ purchases
  • Publisher can change price of each content


Admin (app owner uses web-based backend):


  • Control buyers & publishers registration
  • Approve/reject content that publisher posts
  • Set commission rate for each purchase
  • Manually payout to publisher after commission 


  • 5 app HTML landing page templates (not with this app content yet) ($100 value)
  • Full Photoshop files for easier to redesign app ($50 value)
  • FREE download for future updates
  • Discount if you buy more than 3 templates from us

Download includes:

  • 1 completed app source code for selected platform (android or ios) / 1 purchase
  • 1 web backend source code (full source code)
  • 2 documents to install backend & setup app
  • BONUS: 5 app HTML landing page templates (not with this app content yet)

Note: Economy package has documents for the installation & setup but does NOT include direct support by default. To have our full supports, we strongly recommend the Business or Customize package.

Premium Services:

  • Backend setup service
  • App setup & submission service
  • Design & Reskin service
  • Languages translation service


Home (list view vs grid view)
Side menus
Side menus after login
Product Detail
Product Chapter
Product Review
Publisher Overview
Publisher Review
Chapter Detail
Chapter Comment
Sign up/ Register


US$ 400
Source codes, document & fix bug free Platforms: Android, iOS, (single license)


US$ 864
Features unchanged, reskin & setup


US$ 400+
Features unchanged, reskin & setup

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1 year bug free warranty
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